Blue Label and Red Label colours

Colour additives (colour powders which are mixed into products to colour it) are available from BARCO for use in food as either “BLUE LABEL” or “RED LABEL” colours.

BLUE LABEL colours dissolve in water. By mixing the powder into water you can make your own concentrated dye to be used across board in confectionary etc.

They can be used in:

  • Beverages (Bompies, cooldinks, Ice Lollies etc), Royal Icing, batter, Candy Floss, dry mixes, baked goods, confections, dairy products, pet foods, and a variety of other products.

RED LABEL colours are more stable than BLUE LABEL colours and are ideal for colouring products containing fats and oils.

Typical uses include:

  • Fondant, batter, chocolates, Butter Icing, cake and doughnut mixes, hard candies and chewing gums, lipsticks, soaps, shampoos, talc, coated tablets, etc.