Food Paint

Barco Food Paint colours are liquid colours, used to paint onto CHOCOLATE, sugar art and crafts with. It is a widely used and popular food paint that will add splendour to your

Coloured liquid with a strong smell.
Food Grade

Used to:
Paint, sponge or airbrush directly onto Chocolate, Fondant, Plastic Icing, Flower Paste, Gum Paste, Pastalage, Royal Icing, Batter, Dough, Marshmallow, Butter Icing, Cocoa Butter, Water, Ice Lollies, Sugar Water, Meringue, Barco Quick Dry etc
Foiled boards, Acrylic toppers etc

Paint/Airbrush or sponge directly onto surface wanting to decorate in a well ventilated area.
These colours adheres to chocolate without a problem!
Allow to dry for a few minutes. Taste and smell of paint will be neutral once dried.
Keep away from open flames when in liquid form.

Only use BARCO PAINT CLEANER to clean your airbrush and paintbrushes with after use of this product as WATER will seize the product and ruin your brushes and block your airbrush nozzle.

I store my airbrush with a drop of PAINT CLEANER in the drum to keep the pin clean and unblocked. (Vodka does not work.)